Lesirite Lduruni Duncan




Duncan was born in 1995 and is the only child in his family to go to school. He has four sisters and two brothers. His two brothers are responsible for the family’s few livestock while two of his sisters are married and the other two help with the smaller animals and household chores. When he is home, Duncan helps out with the animals and chores. In 2001, Duncan was enrolled at Lerata Preschool and, in 2003, he joined Lerata Primary School. While in Primary School, he has worked hard to do well in all of his subjects. He achieved 283 on his KCPE exams. His favorite subjects are science and math and he hopes to continue to pursue these subjects in Technical school. When he isn’t studying, Duncan enjoys reading, participates in team sports, like soccer and volleyball, and is active in the debate club. Duncan is eager to continue his education this year so that he can develop the skills he needs to get a job that can support him and allow him to help his family.


Lesirite Duncan Lduruni Lesirite Duncan Lduruni
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