Lesokoiyo James




James was born in 1995. He started school at Lerata primary school and completed in 2012 scoring 201 marks in his KCPE. He is the second born in the family and has 6 siblings. Their first born is married, one is in school and the 4 other siblings are looking after the livestock.
James’ father is an excellent herder and over the years he had built up a successful herd of cows that supplied the family with sufficient blood and milk- the natural diet of the Samburu. The drought of 2009 was particularly harsh and like other cattle herders he lost 80% of his cows. Unfortunately, the remaining cows were raided by the government soldiers in attempt to punish the community. The family is devastated. They now own 10 goats and 2 cows. James mother is the girl’s matron at Lerata School and she doesn’t earn enough to support her family.
James very much wants to go to technical school to learn a skill in Motor Vehicle technology that will get him a job. He is committed to help his family to live a less harsh life.


Lesokoiyo James Lesokoiyo James
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