Lesuiyai  Asunta Naeku




Date of birth: ASUNTA was born in 25th JUNE 2002
KCPE results: 340
Family: Asunta comes from the Ndonyo wasin village. She is the last born of three; one boy and two girls. Their first born will be finishing high school at the end of this year. The second born dropped out of school due to lack of school fee. Her father works as a gate man in Nanyuki town. He earns so little to support his students in high school. Her family has no animal thus regarded poor by local standards. She lost her mother at young age. During the holidays, Asunta and her siblings stay with a relative to her father in Ndonyo wasin village.
Schooling: In 2008 she joined Ndonyo wasin pre-school. His father didn’t have any other work for her since they have no animals. The following year she joined Ndonyo Wasin Primary school which had better teachers and great learning resources. Asunta is a very confident girl. Has an easy way of expressing herself and very good in answering questions. She knows exactly why she is at school and is determined to excel. She is hard working, persistent and disciplined. She is outgoing, enthusiastic and popular with everyone. Languages (Kiswahili and English) are her favorite subjects and she loves reciting both Swahili and English poems. Library has boosted her skills in both languages, she was a frequent visitor to library in ndonyo Wasin primary school.
Asunta loves singing and she was a member of school choir and school drama.
She achieved marks of 340 in her KCPE exams and received a place at Wanjohi Girls’ High School one of the best girls’ high schools in Kenya.


Asunta Naeku Lesuyai Asunta Naeku Lesuyai
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