Lesuyai Musa Rambo




Rambo was born in 1997 near Ndonyo Wasin village. He is an only child and neither of his parents have ever been to school. When Rambo was 8 years old there was a severe drought and his parents lost all their animals. It was then that his parents decided to send him to school. They recognized that education was the only way Rambo would be able to raise himself out of poverty. Both of his parents have encouraged him to do well and although he spent most weekends helping his parents look after the animals he made sure that during the week he did as much extra study in the evenings and early morning as he could.
Rambo achieved marks of 312 in his KCPE exams. He likes reading books in the school library. He has read more than 50 books a year for the last 7 years. One of his favorite books is titled “Left to Tell,” it is about a young girl who suffered at an early age but she worked very hard against many odds and became successful at long last. He says this story inspired him to work hard every day. He was head boy last year and sergeant at arms for the school debating teams – keeping order when things get too competitive. He plays football as midfielder (#3) when he is not in class


Lesuyai Musa Rambo Lesuyai Musa Rambo
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