Letaare Benedict




Benedict Letaare was born in 2005 and is the first born in a family of three. His father holds a position at the Sere Olipi Catholic Church and his mother is a trained preschool teacher at Learata Preschool. His family lives in Learata village and has a total of 18 animals. When Benedict is not in school, he helps his parents look after the animals, fetch water, and collect firewood.

Benedict began preschool in 2009 at Learata Preschool. He was younger than the other children in the class and struggled to catch on. He was the first child in the family to go to school and his mother was adamant he become educated. She worried about the changing climate and knew life as a traditional nomadic Samburu would become increasingly harsh. In 2011, Benedict began at Learata Primary School but later transferred to Sere Olipi Primary School in Class 5.

Benedict loves mathematics the most and became one of his top classes. He also loved football and the Music Club. He perfected his singing talents and got exposure to new places while traveling to music festivals. He also loves reading and can often be found in the library during free time. In fact, he was elected Library Prefect and developed his leadership skills in this role. Benedict’s classmates all love him because he very talkative and sociable. He hopes to become a pilot when he is older so he can travel the world.


Letaare Benedict with his mother Letaare Benedict With His Mother
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