Letinina Moses




Moses was born in Ndonyo Wasin village in 1990. His parents are traditional nomadic pastoralists. His father has two wives. And Moses has 12 brothers and sisters. The family depends on livestock for their survival and they live primarily on a diet of milk and meat. As with all families in the area their herds have been devastated by the drought of 2005/2006.

Moses’ father chose Moses out of all his sons to go to school and he joined Sereolipi primary school as a border in 1997. He was a hardworking student and performed well in class. He participated in various school activities including athletics and music festivals. He represented his school in athletic at the district level in 2005. He graduated in 2006 scoring 278 marks and was one of the top students in the school. He was admitted into Sacred Heart Secondary School which is one of the best boys school in Isiolo District.

Moses is an active church attendant and he has been assists his local catechist to clean the guest house and the church building.


Letinina Moses Letinina Moses
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