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In 1995 at Ndonyo Wasin village in Samburu East District Julius Letitiya a second son of Mr and Mrs Letitiya and fifth born of six children was born. He later after five years through the help of his mother joined Pre School at Ndonyo Wasin which was and still is under the Thorn tree Project.
His mother who was very caring, in order to save him from the cultural norm of giving ones son to look after a relative’s animals;that is if the family doesn’t have animals of thier own, decided to take him to school so that no relative will claim him . It was so unfortunate for him in 2006 to loose the only parent he relied on this is after his father had passed on some years after he was born
Life for Julius became a struggle, he has 4 sisters and 1 brother, his brother decided to look after their uncle’s animals for food the three sisters got married in fact the last to be married was married at an early age of 12 to be a third wife to an elderly man because there was no one to take care of them.
This was a blow to Julius who fortunately he was at school and it happened that the deputy of Ndonyo Wasin Primary School was his Uncle who took him and his little sister in and enrolled the sister in school too. The uncle motivated him to work hard at school in order to raise the status of their once strong and stable family.
Currently Julius is preparing to join Nkubu Polytechnic to start his career in Carpentry. His love for science while at Primary School motivated him to love wood work and he is optimistic and prepared to be the best carpenter if he gets the right support he desperately need.


Julius Letitiya Julius Letitiya
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