Letitiya Sammy




Sammy was born in 1993. He comes from avery traditional samburu family and lives in a manyatta 1 km from Ndonyo Wasin primary school. He has 6 brothers and two sisters. His family are nomadic pastoralists who move around in search of water and pasture during the times of drought.

Sammy went to Ndonyo Wasin school when he was 8 years old. He graduated with marks of 241 in final exams.
The devastating drought of 2008/9 killed most of the familys cattle and goats. They are left with only 8 goats and 4 cows and there is no way they could ever afford sammy’s school fees. Sammy has a simple goal- he wants to have good job that pays him enough money to be able to help is family in the future.


sammy Letitiya Sammy Letitiya
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