Letitiya Silvio




Silvio lives in a small village just outside of Wamba in Eastern Samburu called Ntepes. He has attended the local primary school for 8 years and he scored 378 on his KCPE exams in 2008. He was the top performing student in Samburu East District. His achievement is all the more remarkable given that his school is just a small rural school with few facilities.
Silvio has been offered a place at Mary Mother of Grace Secondary School in Rumuruti. This is one of the best private schools in the country. It is quite small with a class intake of only 45 students in form 1 and it is very difficult to get into. Silvio did very well in the interviews and was offered a place.
Silvio has 2 younger siblings who are still at primary school and an older brother at Maralal High School. His father has a very low paying government job that pays less than $90 a month. His father can barely pay the school fees for Silvio’s older brother at Maralal High School and it is simply not possible for him to send another child to secondary school. Without outside help Silvio will have to pass up this incredible opportunity.


Letitiya Silvio Letitiya Silvio
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