Letoo Philemon




Philemon is from the village of Lerata in the Samburu area. His family are traditional nomadic pastaralists. He has 3 brothers and two sisters. When Philemon was just 6 years old he met a distant relative who spent some time showing Philemon how to write his name and teaching him the letters of the alphabet. Philemon was enthralled by it and he begged his parents to send him to school. However they decided they needed him at home to herd the goats. Finally, when he was 11 years old, his parents said he could try it. He joined class 1 even though he was 5 years older than everyone else. Throughout his time at school he has been a dedicated student and always at or near the top of his class.

He achieved marks of 352 in his mocks but only 298 in his final exams. We believe he is a strong student but was nervous in his exams because going to secondary school meant so much to him. His parents are very poor and he sees an education as the only way for him to escape the poverty his family lives in.


Philemon Letoo Philemon Letoo
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