Letoyie Andrew




Andrew was born in 1991 in Ndonyo Wasin before moving to Sereolipi when he was 4 years old. His father died in 1998 and he lives with his mother and 10 brothers and sisters. Since his father died the family have been very poor with only a few goats to live on. However, Andrew’s mother has managed to send all her children to primary school as she believes that education is the only way her family will be able to improve their lives

Andrew graduated from primary school in 2006 scoring 234 marks. He applied to Isiolo youth polytechnic as a mechanical engineer and was accepted. It is his dream to become a car mechanic and eventually open a repair shop in Sereolipi that would service the cars and trucks traveling to and from Ethiopia.

Andrew is a hardworking boy and he is active in community programs. He assists the aging members of the community to look after goats and cattle.


Letoyie Andrew Letoyie Andrew
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