Leturuka Albert




Albert was born 1995 and lives in a manyatta in an area called Leitemu, which is about 8kms away from Sereolipi village. His family are traditional nomadic pastoralists who live off the blood and milk from their cows and goats and migrate constantly in search of grass and water for their animals. His family was particularly badly hit by the drought of 2009 which has been recorded as the worst in history. All 30 of their cows died in the drought and most of their goats. They are slowly trying to build their herd back up.
Albert is the first born in his family. In 2002 a preschool opened up close to where they were living. It was just a shady tree with a blackboard propped against the tree trunk and the teacher was a warrior called Leaseru who had a few years of primary school education. There he learned his ABCs and numbers. His father could see that his son enjoyed the school and encouraged by Leaseru he agreed to send his son to primary school.

Albert has worked hard at school and has always been towards the top of the class. He achieved 301 marks in his KCPE exams. He is gregarious and popular at school. He loved playing soccer and would always arrange a game before dinner every day with his classmates. He was on the soccer team that won the North East Samburu trophy in 2010. Albert is also a strong swimmer — unusual in the dessert. There is a seasonal dam about 1 kilometer from the school that has water in it after the rains for a month or so. Albert taught himself to


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