Leturuka Hawa




Hawa was born in 2004 and is the first born in a family of five children. As the eldest, she is very aware of her responsibility to set an example for her younger brothers and sisters. Her family lives in Sere Olipi village and her father is a police officer, while her mother has a small business in the village. When Hawa is home from school, she helps her mother with household chores, fetching water and collecting firewood.

When Hawa was roughly six years old, her mother took her to Omar Preschool, which took place in the Sere Olipi Catholic Mission. Hawa’s mother wanted her daughter to be independent and never to be housewife without a career like herself. When Hawa’s mother was younger, she did not have the money to pay school fees and instead opted to get married. She wanted her daughter’s future to be full of the opportunities she never had.

Hawa was enrolled in Class One at Sere Olipi Primary School in 2011. Once she started school, she fell in love with English.She loves to read books in the school library and her English teacher saw a special gift in her. Her English teacher continued to motivate Hawa and challenge her to do her best. As a result, Hawa hopes to be journalist when she finishes school!

In addition to her academics, Hawa enjoyed playing volleyball at school. She even took part in the Jabulani Cup, organized by the Thorn Tree Project. She was also a member of the Wildlife Club, where she learned how to conserve the wildlife in the area and how to protect herself in case of an attack by a wild animal. Hawa was also elected the school spokesperson, thanks to her advanced understanding of the English language. All and all, she is an honest and curious young lady with a bright future!


Hawa Leturuka Hawa Leturuka
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