Leturuka Ibrahim




Ibrahim was born in 2004 and is the oldest of five children in his family. Ibrahim lives with his mother and father near Sereolipi town. His mother attended school until class 6, and his father is a teacher in one of the local schools. Since his parents have been educated, they sent all of their children to school. Ibrahim says that his parents took him to school so he can be independent and hopefully live a choice filled life.

Ibrahim started school in 2011 at Omar Pre-School and in 2012, Ibrahim was promoted to Sereolipi for primary school. From the very beginning, he loved school. His mother has always encouraged him to do well and he is determined not to let her down. His favorite subjects are science and social studies. He likes science because it talks about the world we live in, from plants and animals to diseases and our bodies. On the other hand, social studies enabled him to know about the world. When he finishes school, he would like to become and engineer. In addition to being a strong student, Ibrahim loves playing soccer. He played on the school team as an attacker and was very vocal in managing the team. His peers chose him as the sports captain for his class.


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