Letuyia Festus




Festus comes from a very poor family in Sereolipi. His father died in 1989 when he was only 3 years old and his mother lives alone. He has six brothers and sisters.

He is the only child in his family to finish primary school and he graduated in December 2000 top of his class with marks of 344 which is an excellent academic achievement. Unfortunately there was no chance that his mother would ever be able to afford the fees to send Festus to secondary school.

Rather than stay in Sereolipi Festus decided to go out and see something of the world. He left for Wamba, travelled and survived some time in Maralal. Took himself off to Lodwar (Turkana country) and spent a while in Kabarnet (Barigo District). He survived by getting involved in volunteer services and community projects making friends wherever he went.

In 2006 Festus returned to Sereolipi and began doing odd jobs for whoever would hire him. In November the Chief encouraged Festus to go and get a place at secondary school so that in December he would be in a good position to see if the Samburu Scholarship Program would accept him and find a sponsor for him. He was accepted at Kisima Secondary school and as a result of his commitment and good academic performance was accepted into the scholarship program.


Letuyia Festus Letuyia Festus
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