Leuria Joseph




Joseph was born in 1993. He comes from Lerata village. His family are nomadic pastoralists. He first went to preschool when he was 8 years old in 2000 at Lerata. After a year in preschool which it was clear he enjoyed it a lot and his mother decided to send him to his aunt in Archer’s Post and for him to go to primary school there. In this way he would be able to take his education seriously and there would be no chance of him being pulled out of school to help with the family’s livestock. He stayed in Archer’s Post during the term time and returned home to Lerata in the holidays.

In 2003 Joseph’s mother died of TB and then in 2006 his father died. His brother is a warrior and looks after the family cows and his older sister is married.

Joseph achieved marks of 324 in his KCPE exams. He is an excellent student who did well in a very understaffed school. It is fair to say that most of what he knows he taught himself.


Joseph Leuria Joseph Leuria
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