Leyopoko Amos Ljenesi




Amos is from the remote Leang’ata area that is 25 kilometers from Ndonyo Wasin village and 65 kilometers from the tarmac road. It is situated at the foothills of the Matthew’s range. Amos is the oldest of six children and is the first in his family to get an education. His family is traditional nomadic pastoralists and they supplement their income from the sale of charcoal.
In 2003 a preschool opened in Leang’ata. It consisted of a blackboard propped against the trunk of a large shady acacia thorn tree and the teacher was a warrior with 4 years of primary school. Amos’ parents decided to send him to the school to see if he liked it. His teacher identified Amos as his best student and talked to his parents to make sure they sent him to primary school the next year.
At Ndonyo Wasin Primary School Amos has consistently been among the top students in class. In his final exams in class 8 he achieved marks of 326. He says he liked studying English more than any other subject. He believes English language is the most favored mode of communication and he wants to be fluent in it. He is also a great reader and he says he has been reading 40 books or more a year in the school library since he has been in class 3. “Lost in the Jungle” is his favorite book. He was volley ball captain last year and a Mathematics group leader.


Leyopoko Amos Ljenesi Leyopoko Amos Ljenesi
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