Lkaiton Pius




Pius was born in 1991 in Kaingus village 7 kms from Sereolipi. He is the 5th born of a family of 8 children. His family are traditional nomadic pastoralists who keep goats and cattle. They are based in the area close to Sereolipi but during the dry season will travel far away with their animals in search of pasture and water.

Pius joined Sereolipi Primary School when he was 7 years old and walked the 7 kilometers to school and back every day for 8 years. He has always been a hardworking and committed student. He participated in the music festival in 2005 and was an active member of conservation club in school.

In 2006, Pius graduated from Sereolipi School with a score of 262 marks and he was admitted into Sacred Heart of Jesus Boy’s Secondary. He was delighted to hear of his scholarship and says he will work very hard to get good grades. He wants to get a job in community development when he finishes school.


Lkaiton Pius Lkaiton Pius
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