Lkilasin Daniel Lekerpes




Daniel Lkilasin Lekerpes was born in 1994. He lives with his parents and 5 siblings in the remote village of Mewua, near the town of Ndonyo Wasin. After completing Mewua preschool as a child, Daniel went on to attend and complete primary school at Ndonyo Wasin. When he would come home between school terms, Daniel would help his brothers and sisters take care of the family’s livestock. Coming from a traditional Samburu family of nomadic pastoralists, he could easily stay home and do this for the rest of his life, but Daniel wants something more. Moreover, he knows that in any year, an extended drought could leave his family with no livestock whatsoever, their single source of food and income, and then what? Daniel wants to secure a better future for himself and his family by receiving a proper education. This year he enters a 2-year certification program at the faraway Sagana Technical Institute to pursue a certificate course in carpentry and joinery, but will need financial support to complete his journey.


Daniel Lkilasin Lekerpes's portrait Daniel Lkilasin Lekerpes's Portrait
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