Lobaali Christopher




Christopher was born in 1995. His father died in 1996 and his mother has raised Christopher and his four older siblings on her own. His mother owns two cows, three goats, and seven sheep. The family lives in Sereolipi village.

His mother sent Christopher to preschool in the village in 2001 and he joined the Sereolipi Primary School in 2002. His family have always been one of the poorest families in the area and Christopher can still remember the brand new school uniform the school gave him in class one. It was the first new clothing he had ever owned and he wore it continuously for the whole of that year, only taking it off once a week for his mother to wash.

Christopher has worked hard at school and he has always been among the top students in his class. He achieved marks of 297 in his KCPE exams. He has excelled at running at school and has done well in the district athletics championships


Christopher Lobaali Christopher Lobaali
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