Loboitong'o Kiptoo




Kiptoo was born in 2006 and is the fourth born of six children in his family. Kiptoo’s father passed away when he was young and so he lives with his mother in Ndonyo Wasin. His mother is the matron at Ndonyo Wasin primary school and the only provider for the family. Although his mother was not educated, having interacted with many educated people at her job, she sent each of her first three kids to school. Her eldest son completed high school, but could not pay feed for college and stopped his schooling then. Her eldest daughter is in high school currently and sponsored by a member of the county assembly. As soon as Kiptoo was old enough, his mother sent him to Ndonyo Wasin preschool and then the following year he joined Ndonyo Wasin Primary School. His family’s poverty is what he says continues to motivate him to work harder.

From the very beginning, Kiptoo loved school. His favorite subject is social studies. In addition to being a strong student, Kiptoo was a member of the wildlife club and their responsibility was conserving the school environment by planting trees and cleaning the school compound. He is very friendly with his classmates and would often wake up very early to prepare for classes on his own before school began. He is jovial, confident and outgoing, despite being small for his age. He says he will take every advantage of his sponsorship in an effort to brighten his future!


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