Lokwawi Samuel




Samuel is a smart committed student who graduated 13 months ago in December 2007 with 344 marks. He was 2nd in the division.
Samuel’s father is a retired head master which means he is one of the few Samburu with a tertiary education and one of the few people in Kenya with a pension. His pension is $200 a month which makes him relatively well off in Kenya. He fully understands the value of education and has sent all his 11 children to school. Four of the children are older than Samuel; two are in secondary school and 2 are in college. Even with his pension he is struggling to send 4 children on to higher education.
When Samuel got his excellent grade in his KCPE exams his father promised to send him to secondary school. They chose the cheapest school in the area. Even then the father could not cover the costs and Samuel was constantly sent home from school to look for money for school fees. Out of the 9 months of school last year he spent almost 3 months out of school looking for fees.
We believe that Samuel deserves a chance to go to secondary school and even university. He has a place this year at Solai Boys High School which is an outstanding provincial school and we know that he will excel there. He deserves an opportunity to realize his potential. It would be such a waste of a smart, committed student if he had to drop out now.


Lokwawi Samuel Lokwawi Samuel
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