Lolngojine Dorcas




Dorcas was at Ntepes Primary School. She graduated in 2008 and achieved marks of 304 in her KCPE exams. She has consistently been a top performing student and she was the second highest scoring girl in Samburu East District. She has been offered a place at Alliance Girls School which is one of the top 10 schools in the country. Dorcas is very committed to her studies and very responsible and we know she will do really well at the school.
Dorcas is the youngest child in the family and her parents are very old. She has been brought up mainly by her older sister. They live in a small one room dwelling in Wamba. Her sister is very supportive of Dorcas and she has encouraged her in her education.
In our scholarship program we have only 4 girls. Many girls drop out for marriage and looking after goats. Many others perform poorly because they are given so many chores like fetching water and firewood after school that they don’t have enough time to do homework. We are slowly correcting this in the lower classes but it makes Dorcas particularly special.

Dorcas is extremely smart and focused and we hope she will be able to go on to university after secondary school.


Lolngojine Dorcas Lolngojine Dorcas
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