Lolpusike John




Born in 1997 John Lolpusike is the oldest of five children. He has three brothers and one sister.
John’s father said once, “John would become a great person having gone to school.” He believed with education John would be able to get a good job that would help him and his family. So he sent him to school.
Unfortunately due to his father’s drinking, John is now living with his uncle in Sereolipi to continue his studies while his mother moved in with his grandfather (his mother’s father) in Nanyuki (about 3 hours south by car) from Seriolipi. She currently has 15 goats and 5 cattle that were given to her by her mother after she left her husband due to him selling all their livestock for alcohol. John is now convinced he wants to finish school so he can build a nice house, buy food and security to protect his mother and siblings from the less unfortunate events in life.
In 2009 after falling very ill, John was treated for Malaria. After being cured with the help of a doctor he was inspired himself to want to help and treat sick people.
He is very good at Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. He is looking forward to passing his exams and getting a sponsorship so he can obtain more schooling.


Lolpusike John Lolpusike John
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