Lolpusike Isaiah




Isaiah was born in 1997. He comes from a very traditional nomadic family that live in the Ndume area about 20 kilometers from Ndonyo Wasin village. The family has cows and goats and they live a nomadic life, migrating in search of pasture and water in times of drought.

None of his family had ever been to school. When Isaiah was 5 years old a new preschool opened up under a tree near their manyatta. His parents attended the opening ceremony and decided to send him to school. They wanted him to get an education so that he could support himself and his family in the future. Isaiah has two younger brothers and one sister who all live at home and work with the cows and goats.

Isaiah did well throughout his schooling and in the past two years he has been an especially diligent student. He achieved 311 in his exams which made him the top student in his class. He very much wants to go on to secondary school. Unfortunately there is no way his parents could ever afford send him to school as the recent drought had decimated his parents herd of cattle and goats.


Lolpusike Isaiah With his mother and sibling Lolpusike Isaiah With His Mother And Sibling
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