Lolpusike Leraha John




John was born in 1996. Both of his parents were killed in a cattle raid when he was only 2 years old. His elder sister got married almost immediately afterwards and she took him to live with her in Sereolipi. Then, when he was four years old, his brother came and took him to Ndonyo Wasin. He was put into Ndonyo Wasin Primary School which at that time had very primitive boarding facilities and he lived in the school. Although his brother kept an eye on him John was basically on his own and had to look after himself, scavenging food on the weekends and making do without even the basics like soap and bedding. He moved to Sereolipi Primary School as a boarder in 2005 because it had better teaching facilities at that time and because Ndonyo Wasin did not have a class 7 and 8.
He graduated from Sereolipi Primary School in 2008 with marks in his KCPE exams of 290
Needless to say John is a very resourceful and responsible boy who is very serious about his studies. He also has a very positive attitude to life.


Lolpusike John Lolpusike John
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