Lolpusike Sheila




She is the first born in a family of four children and is the first to attend high school—setting a wonderful example for her younger siblings! Sadly, Sheila’s mother passes away two years ago so she currently lives with her father and step mother. They live in Sere Olipi village and own roughly ten cows and twenty goats, which by local standards is considered poor. However, Sheila takes great pride in helping her family when she is not in school. On school holiday, Sheila can be found cooking, washing clothes, collecting firewood and looking after her siblings.

Sheila is determined to set a good example for her siblings and they have an excellent model to look up to. When she was just four years old, Sheila joined Imani Preschool, which was inside a church building. After preschool, she joined Sere Olipi Primary School and throughout her eight years there, she has always been in the top five of her class. Sheila’s love mathematics and in the future would love to be a doctor. As an extremely determined and confident young woman who was very involved in primary school. She loved playing football, was a member of the Health Club and was appointed Library Secretary in Class Six. She is also a spiritual leader at the Catholic Church she attends. She is truly a wonderful young lady.


Sheila Lolpusike Sheila Lolpusike
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