Long'oro Johnson




Johnson is 16 years old and he graduated from Sereolipi Primary School in 2008 with marks of 302 in his KCPE exams. He has a place at St Pius X Seminary in Meru which is one of the top 100 schools in Kenya.
Johnson has 2 older brothers, 2 younger brothers and two younger sisters. His parents are traditional nomadic pastoralists. They live about 40 kilometers from Sereolipi in the foot hills of Mount Lolokwe. They lost almost all their goats and cattle in the drought of 2006/7 and are slowly building their herds back up. In 2006 Johnson’s mother lost her hand in a very bad accident – she was herding goats in an area next to the army range and one of the animals stepped on an unexploded bomb and she lost her hand in the explosion.

Johnson’s father chose two sons to go to school – Johnson and an elder brother. The story of the elder brother is typical of this area. His father is poor but he very much wanted his son to go to school so he sold what animals he could and begged others from relatives to pay for school fees. However he never had quite enough and the elder brother was constantly being sent home from school to find the money for his very late fees. In the process he missed so much school that he graduated with only a D+. With such a poor grade he has been unable to get a job.
And the situation is even worse for Johnson – the family has so few animals since the drought that they barely have enough to live on and certainly not enough to sell. His mother’s accident makes life even more difficult.

Johnson is hardworking and committed to his studies. He very much wants to succeed. We believe he will do very well at school.


Longoro Johnson Longoro Johnson
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