Lopedes Christopher




Date of birth: Christopher was born in July 1999
KCPE results: 317
Family: Christopher comes from the Sere Rongai area that is about 20 kilometers from Sereolipi village. His family are very traditional nomadic pastoralists living off the meat, milk and blood of their cows and goats. They migrate frequently during the droughts in search of water and grass for their animals. He is the second born of three children. His mother died when he was 4 years old but his father remarried and he has 5 stepsisters and 2 stepbrothers. Christopher started looking after the animals when he was 4 years old and by the time he was 6 he was taking the family cows out everyday for water and pasture.
Schooling: His father was illiterate and knew nothing about school but even so he had always thought at least one person in his family should go to school. His father could see that that Christopher was very bright, hard working and curious about the world around him. So when Christopher’s younger brother was old enough to take over the herding duties His father and Christopher walked to Sereolipi village to get a better look at the school there. Christopher remembers that they both liked the classrooms and were impressed by the dormitories so his father enrolled him.
At school Christopher has been a hardworking and motivated student and he has always been near the top of his class. He is very proud that his father chose him to the one to go to school and he has strong sense of duty and responsibility; he is looking forward to the day he can help his parents and siblings. Christopher is talkative, friendly and outgoing; he always has something to say. He has excellent leadership qualities and was class prefect in class six, then dormitory prefect in class 8. He was on the soccer team, is particularly good at high jump and loves reading.
Christopher achieved mark of 317 in his class 8 exams and he was offered a place at Kabungut Boys Secondary School, one of the top schools in the country.


Lopedes Christopher Lopedes Christopher
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