Lororua Maxwell




Maxwell was born in 1994. He lives in Sereolipi village,a manyatta on the edge of town. His parents are very poor and they have no livestock – they all died in the drought. They scrape together a living by selling water which his mother fetches from a well dug in the nearby dry river bed and by collecting firewood from the bush and selling it in the village.

Until 2002 his parents were traditional nomadic pastoralists and they lived at the foothills of the Matthews Range about 30 kilometers from Sereolipi. In the drought of 2002 they lost all of their animals and they had to move to Sereolipi. This was when Maxwell was eight. When they arrived in Sereolipi and settled on the edge of town Maxwell heard about the school from his new friends and he asked his parents if he could go to school. No one else in his family had ever gone to school before and his parents did not really know what it was but his mother went with him to look at the school and when she heard the children received a free lunch from the government she agreed he could go.

Maxwell has been a good student and he achieved marks of 263 in his KCPE exams. He would like to pursue an electrical installation course at technical school that will help him get a good job. He is determined to work hard in order to make a good life for himself and his family.


Maxwell Lororua Maxwell Lororua
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