Lpoona Kelvin




KeLvin is a boy born in 1999 from Ndonyo Wassin village in Samburu. His father has passed away, leaving his mother as the sole parent of five children. Kevin’s mother continues to live the traditional life of a nomadic pastoralist but with only 2 cows and 9 goats they are very poor. KeLvin’s elder brother looks after the live stock so Kevin can go to school. Kelvin joined school when he was only 5 instead of the recommended six years. Inspite of being the youngest in class he has always done well at school. He loves English and reads a lot. He is very outgoing and friendly, a great communicator, happy to talk to anyone and popular with his class mates. He achieved 236 on his KCPE exams and he is delighted to be going to technical school. He has a place at Sagana Technical School which is one of the best in the country. He is looking forward to learning a skill that can help him get a good job so he can support his mother and siblings. We know he will be sucessful at anything he sets his mind to.


Kelvin lpoona and his mother at home Kelvin Lpoona And His Mother At Home
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