Ltereso Samuel  Lekureiya




Ltereso was born in 1997 and is the third born of five children. His parents, who are traditional nomadic pastoralists, live in the Lerata area. Ltereso’s two older siblings have chosen to follow the traditional Samburu way of life – looking after cows and goats that are their sole source of food. Ltesero has loved learning as long as he can remember. When he was very young he was fascinated by numbers and letters and his parents say he was always trying to copy them with a stick scratching on the ground. When he was 7 his parents sent him to the local school. However when he was in class 4 there was a very bad drought and his family took him out of school to help migrate with the animals. Luckily the head teacher who thought very highly of Ltereso visited his home after the drought and managed to persuade his family to send him back to school. Since that time Lteseso has always been in the top 3 in his class . In his final exams in class 8 he achieved marks of 331 and he has been accepted at an excellent high school
Ltereso has always been a hard worker and he attributes his succees to waking up very early in the morning so he had extra time to study before school started. He is a very sociable and responsible boy. He loves playing soccer and was on the boys soccer team.


Ltereso Samuel  Lekureiya Ltereso Samuel Lekureiya
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