Ltetekwa Thomas Lemorogo




He was born in 2006 and is the fourth child of seven in his family. He is the first in his family to finish class eight and attend high school! His younger sister is also in school, but the other children all live a traditional Samburu lifestyle with their parents. Samburu are pastoralists and depend on their livestock for survival.

Thomas joined Marti preschool in 2011 after begging his parents to allow him to go. His friends attended preschool before him and he envied the fact that they could speak English and Kiswahili while they were playing together and he couldn’t stand being left out. His parents agreed and he hasn’t taken the opportunity for granted. In 2012, he began Ndonyo Wasin Primary School. His favorite subject is Kiswahili and as a result, he is fluent. When he is older, he would love to be an author of Kiswahili books. In addition to being a great student, he was also a member of the wildlife club, debate club and health club. Thomas was also on the soccer and volleyball teams! Due to his friendly and responsible personality, Thomas was selected class prefect, environment prefect and school sports captain! He did not waste any chance to get involved in primary school and I am sure he will continue like this in high school too!


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