Letitiya Melinda




Melinda was born in 2006 and is the oldest of six children. Melinda is the only child in her family to attend school. Melinda lives with her mother, who has no formal education, and her father, who is a teacher in a local school. Since her father has been educated, he knows how important attending school is and he wanted Melinda to be an educated, independent woman, capable of making her own decisions and choices. She was one of the few girls in her class, completing primary school and moving on to secondary. Melinda, as the eldest, has paved the way for two of her younger siblings to attend school as well.

Melinda joined Ndonyo Wasin preschool in 2011 and then joined Ndonyo Wasin Primary School the following year. Her favorite subject is mathematics and she would like to become a teacher in Samburu, boosting the number of female teachers in the region. In school she was a member of the wildlife club, where they made sure to conserve the trees in and around the school grounds. She also enjoys playing soccer to relax after a busy day of classes. During the school holidays, she helps fetch water and firewood, as well as cook and clean at home.


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