M'Mwobobia Mwenda Sammy




Born in 1997, Sammy is the oldest in his family and the only son. His parents are divorced and he lives with his father and two sisters. Sammy’s family moved to the Samburu district when he was very young and they have become a part of the community even though they are originally from another area of Kenya. His family doesn’t practice the traditional pastoralist life of the Samburu, instead, his father works in the local small restaurant, earning just enough to take care of his three children. Sammy has consistently been the top performing student at Sereolipi Primary School. He says he was motivated by the local dispensary nurse to join preschool when he was around five years old and he worked hard to improve each year so he has more options for his future. In school, he enjoys math and science and when he takes a break, he likes to play soccer and volleyball. Sammy scored 343 on the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam, the highest in the school in 2011. He has been accepted to Lenana School one of the top national schools in Kenya and is eager to continue his education in a very competitive environment.


M'Mwobobia Sammy Mwenda M'Mwobobia Sammy Mwenda
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