Naiboro Grace




She was born in April of 2004 and is the third of six children—and the only girl! Her father passed away when she was very young. Her mother, who completed Class 8 in school, and currently owns a small hotel in Sere Olipi town, where she sells chapati and tea. Unlike many traditional Samburu families, Grace’s family does not own any livestock, which makes them very poor by local standards. Their family owns roughly ten chicken. Anytime Grace is not away at school, she enjoys helping her mother with house chores, like fetching water, collecting firewood, washing clothes and looking after her younger siblings.

While Grace loved helping her mother, she feels most at home at school. Grace started preschool when she was about four years old. Her interest in school began as she watched her elder brothers go to school. She cried to her mother, begging her to let her go to school herself. After her persistence, Grace’s mother walked her down to Omar Preschool and Grace never looked back. Since the very beginning, she has consistently ranked in the top five of her class. Grace’s best subject is mathematics, but she can often be found hidden away in the library reading story books. When not focused on her studies, she enjoys playing football, singing and leading her classmates. Grace was elected Deputy President in Primary School Leadership in both Class 7 and Class 8. She is a confident, determined and joyful young lady. She hopes to become a doctor in the future and come back and educate the community about health issues.


Naiboro Grace Naiboro Grace
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