Naresho Jacinta Lepakiyo




Jacinta is from Nesesai, and is the youngest child of four. She began attending Ndonyo Wasin Primary School in 2003 and greatly enjoyed studying English and Social Studies. She also appreciated the quality of life that she had at school compared to that of her home and continued to volunteer at the school and helping the elderly in the Ndonyo Wasin community even after she had graduated. Although Jacinta’s exam scores were not strong enough for her to be part of the established scholarship program, her family is committed to giving her a brighter future so that she can support herself and help her entire family.

Jacinta’s story is one of many among Samburu girls who want to continue to develop skill sets but have no resources for doing so. Identifying this need, Thorn Tree is in the early stages of creating a new scholarship program focused on preparing women specifically for jobs that are available to them in Kenya.


Naresho Jacinta Lepakiyo At School. Naresho Jacinta Lepakiyo At School.
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