Seitalo Richard




Richard Seitalo was born in Merille about 40kms from Sereolipi trading center. He is a third born in a family of seven children; 3 brothers and four sisters. His father passed away in 1997 and he lives with her mother with only few goats and sheep left by the Elnino rains that swept almost all their livestock.

Richard is a hardworking boy in school, he is a fan of soccer and mostly represent his school in district tournaments. He graduated from Sereolipi primary school in 2007 and scored 311 marks.

Richard comes from a very poor family and he could not continue well in his studies. He got an admission to go to Maralal high school but could not join the school due to school fees problems. He opted to join Laisamis secondary school at his local village. However, Richard has been out of school most of the time as he could not afford to stay in school. After staying for one term out of school, Richard was lucky to receive sponsorship in our program to pursue his academic dreams. He got transferred to St. Pius X seminary which is one of the best performing school in Eastern province.

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