Lekeles  Selina




Selina was born in 1995 and she lives in Wamba which is about 50 kilometers from Sereolipi just the other side of the Matthew’s range.

Selena has been an orphan since she was 2 years old. Both of her parents died of unknown diseases within 6 months of each other. Her father’s brother took in Selena and her older brother and sister. Her uncle is a traditional nomadic pastoralist and a small herd of goats are his entire livelihood. He taught her brother to look after the animals and her sister first went to school but then stayed at home to look after the house. Selena was sent to school where she turned out to be an excellent student. Since class 6 she has always been at the top of the class. In her KCPE exams she achieved marks of 330 and was the second Samburu girl in the district.

Her uncle is very proud of his niece’s achievements but with 6 children of his own he is in no position to pay for Selena’s school fees. Selena’s focus is simple – “to learn, work hard, be disciplined and improve her future.”


Selina-Lekeles-head-shot Selina-Lekeles-Head-Shot
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