Shadrack Kinyajui




Shadrack was born in 1996 at Sere olipi and joined class 1 in the year 2004 at Sere olipi primary school and is the second born of six children. Both of his parents received little education, which is rare among the Samburu of their generation. Accordingly, his mother who operates a kiosk and his father have sent all of their children to school except the youngest who is yet to join school. Sadly, Shadracks’s family was heavily affected by the recent drought which took more than 30 goats and 24 sheep, leaving them with a considerably smaller herd of 10 goats and 6 sheep. Through education, Shadrack hopes to “improve the living standard of my family in the future”. Shadrack greatly enjoys learning; his favorite course is science. He also loves learning about the various cultures of Africa in his social studies course,and he scored 239 marks in the KCPE exam. Like most Samburu boys, he is a skilled soccer player and was one of eleven kids on the school’s soccer team, sporting jersey #5.Shadrack has a chance at Nkubu youth polytechnic to pursue a certificate course in Mechanics,however his parents are relatively poor and could not afford to pay for his school fees.


Shadrack K Kamande Shadrack K Kamande
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